Forum of Bucovinians froam Abroad

The name of the Organization is the Forum Bucovinians from Abroad. We operate in accordance with the Romanian Constitution and the laws in force in Romania and the EU, our status and international standards on minority rights; We can set up centers, local centers, regional or foreign centers in the country and abroad, with headquarters in Suceava - Romania; We can establish collaborative links with similar organizations, unions, federations and other legal institutions or individuals from the country and abroad, to meet the intended purpose; Duration organization is unlimited in time.


Association Members of The Forum of Bucovinians froam Abroad have the following purposes:
- Defending the rights of retention, expression and promotion of ethnic, linguistic, cultural and religious identity of all of Bukovina and strengthen relations of cooperation between different national communities living in Bessarabia and Bucovina between the countries they live;
-Participate in the development of economic, social, cultural and community of the province of Bukovina;
- Supports business and interregional economic cooperation;
-Promoting access to culture, traditions, customs, and the latest innovations in science, culture, trade, industry and agriculture;
-support the balanced participation of women and men in decision-making;
-help different social groups, minorities of all kinds and other disadvantaged people to improve living conditions;
-launches humanitarian action to combat discrimination based on sex, religion, disability, political affiliation and ethnicity;
-support the promotion of equal opportunities between students of different ethnicities;
-mediates the human involvement in the business culture, which can reach the target audience, social recognition, stability and permanency in business;
-promote closer links and partnerships between young people and schools in the world, understanding and confidence of the minorities.

In order to achieve our goals, the Forum of Bucovinians from Abroad has decided:
-Working with central and local government bodies to improve the socio-cultural conditions in the areas, localities inhabited by Bukovina;
-collaborate with companies from home and abroad and to supports
-the establishment of partnerships between them;
-protect the rights, dignity and the common interests of persons belonging to minorities and those in Northern region and those gone abroad;
-develop a web portal as a virtual meeting place for businessmen, the demand for and supply of business projects, goods and inputs;
-require humanitarian organizations in the country and abroad to provide aid and, where possible, humanitarian aid to needy persons in Bukovina and abroad;
-support the initiative of its members in private economic activities;
-access international programs in areas of culture, education, science, economics, youth, elderly, minorities, consumers of goods and services, infrastructure, tourism, services, disabled or handicapped persons, etc.
-support the participation of its constituent organizations and members of national and international projects in various fields;
- work, support and provide the conditions necessary to exercise the right to culture, traditions, religion, health and business;
-collaborate with educational institutions, science and culture for study and research on history, language features, material and spiritual culture of different nationalities in Northern Bukovina and the Diaspora;
-encourage and support the development and publication of works in these areas Bucovina thesaurus, and other works by scientists among the Bukovina;
-organize meetings, symposia, conferences and seminars, press conferences, cultural events, exhibitions, tours, festivals, book launches, etc.
- for ensuring its participation in various international meetings of delegates;
- support various projects and programs on the people of the Elderly and the disabled to improve living conditions and aging easier;
- engage the media, the Internet, to work with print and audiovisual Bukovina to reflect life everywhere, to spread culture, history and its traditions and to raise the prestige of the country they live in Bucovina;
-act to strengthen mutual understanding and good cooperation between the countries they live Bucovina;
-organize, in cooperation with competent institutions and bodies, educational activities and skills training with certificates and diplomas issued by national and international recognition under the applicable rules;
-compile database of all of the world Bucovinians;
-partnerships and other forms of organization with other associations, foundations and government institutions;
-organize additional activities such as workshops, seminars, symposia, seminars, conferences, shows, competitions and other similar activities, even if they are not detailed here;
- the actions they undertake to provide support to persons with disabilities;
- through its efforts to help people who had problems due to natural disasters;
- organize seminars, meetings on various topics related to disaster prevention and rescue mode in the event that deviate various disasters by organizing a lifeguard training;
- Bucovina promotes tourism through various national and international projects;
- give full support to its members for carrying out the tasks arising from their other qualities such as: parent, educator, guardian, employee, retiree, etc..
-organization support of any form of formal education;
- partnerships and affiliations with similar organizations that promote a just cause of mankind.

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Non-governmental organization/ non-profit

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