Geo Routes Cultural Institute

Geo Routes Cultural Institute held under the auspices of the Hellenic National Commission for UNESCO and the support of the European Commission Representation Office in Athens/Greece


Geo Routes Cultural Institute programs in Greece are devoted to:
-highlight the secret regions of the country
-promoting its cultural heritage
-fascilitating to the intercultural dialogue between visitors and the local people
-contributing to the development of the local societies through Corporate Social Responsibility programs.

Our mission statement is achieved through the cultural-environmental and educational context Geo Routes Cultural Institute programs are being structured.

Description of proposed activity or project

Organizations which the mission statement seeking to:

* The Intercultural dialogue with emphasis to the cultural heritage
* The preservation of natural sources and capital
* The development of the local societies with emphasis to the local economy
* Educational chapters with emphasis to the Youth-Labs
* The cultural exchanges in a meaning of bridging the citizens of the entire world

Type of partner/expertise sought

Organizations which have proven willing and capacity to:

* Financing projects related with
a) The Intercultural dialogue through the cultural heritage
b) The development of the local societies through bringing visitors of special interests
c) Academic programs and Youth-Labs
d) The organization of cultural exhanges - fairs and exhibitions

* Contributing to the implementation of the aforementioned projects

* Interested in a long-lasting collaboration of cultural, environmental and educational projects

Type of expertise/competence offered

* UNESCO 2013 best practice voted platoform "culture-tourism-development"
* A copyrighted live platform
* A Know-how expertise
* Network of scientists, field experts and professionals
* Network of National & International Bodies & Organizations

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