ARSIS - Association for the Social Support of Youth

ARSIS - Association for the Social Support of Youth is a Non Governmental Organization, specializing in the social support of youth and other social groups that are in difficulty or danger and in the advocacy of their rights. ARSIS’ s main objectives are the prevention of youth and vulnerable people’s marginalisation, the elaboration of policies which defend their rights, the active social support, the promotion of their social integration, the information and sensitisation on respective topics. ARSIS was established in 1992 and since then it operates in Athens, Thessaloniki, Volos, Kozani and Alexandroupoli due to the active participation of members, volunteers and young people. ARSIS is a member of national and european networks and cooperates with social services and ngos.


- ARSIS mission is to take actions for the prevention of youth exclusion (15 to 24 years old). In this frame, Arsis develops new methods and tools for youth support, organizes and participates in networks for social solidarity, cooperates with public and private services and promotes improved methods for the social policy of youths.

- ARSIS offers its services to young individuals who live under conditions of poverty, neglect, victimization, conflict, disapproval, exploitation, isolation, racism or they are having problems with law, they are institutionalized, have dropped out of school, they don’t have family or a place to live. Generally, ARSIS offers help to those living under difficult situations.

- ARSIS suggests the promotion of social collaboration and personal values of the young individuals in contrast with the Greek and European policies, which are based in suppression and lead to poverty and social exclusion.

- ARSIS mobilizes staff and volunteers and works with collective values and social solidarity, democracy and mutual respect.

ARSIS provides services such as:

- psycho-social support: counselling, group work, legal advice, information, liaison with social services, support to deal with personal, social, housing or other problems and needs,

- preparation for employment: assessment, orientation, basic skills development (fighting illiteracy), placements in vocational training programmes, job search, support of work placements, productive workshops and social enterprise initiatives,

- legal support: information and counseling about law issues, creating educational and sensitization groups for human rights and discrimination.

- educational support: fighting illiteracy, educational assistance to immigrants, refugees,

- temporary housing and food services for young people without home or in major difficulty,

- social and recreational mobilisation: participation in group and leisure activities, art and creative workshops, exhibitions, social and cultural events, communication, visits, youth exchanges.

ARSIS operates several social structures, such as;

- three shelters for unaccompanied minors asylum seekers in Oreokastro-Thessaloniki, Makrinitsa-Pilio and Alejandroupoli, Evros

- a shelter in Athens for reception and hosting of families and single mothers raising children seekers of asylum.

- the “House of ARSIS” – a shelter of temporarily stay for mistreated, neglected and children victims of trafficking and exploitation, in Oreokastro-Thessaloniki.

- the “SYMPRAXIS”- Bank for the material support of beneficiaries, it shares items to people and families who belong to vulnerable social groups.

- the “Youth Support Centre” - support and assistance for marginalized young individuals and children of vulnerable social groups such as former prisoners, homeless, migrants, refugees etc

- “Programs for combating poverty”, ARSIS operates many social structures, such as;
- Social market,
- Homeless shelter,
- Distribution of foods,
- Social pharmacy,
- Local vegetable garden,
- Office of intermediation

ARSIS, also implements many activities and projects, such as;

- Social street work (streetwork), which aims to record instances of exploitation of children and approach the child and family.

- Actions for the protection of children who work in the streets and victims of trafficking, such as “Mobile School”.

- Support actions in the Roma community of Dendropotamos and in Romani settlements of Hagia Sophia and of Perea.

- Interventions in Prisons and youth detention centres, in order to empower the detained and facilitate them after their imprisonment period. Our activities focus on realizing vocational training, literacy and developing basic skill programs, recreational programs such as crafting, painting, small creative structures etc and research.

- Publication of the Greek version of COMPASS- a manual for Human Rights in Education, in collaboration with the Council of Europe and organization of seminars for professionals of the education sector, which are working with young people.

- Activities for the prevention of youth violence, with the overall aim to develop and implement prevention measures specifically at community level.

Type of partner/expertise sought

ARSIS seeks to cooperate with a partner from the donor countries, namely Norway, Iceland or Liechtenstein.

Concerning the type of partner, ARSIS is interested in a partnership with NGOs, social services (of the public or the private sector), Municipality or regional entities, Governmental agencies, Research institutions or Universities.

Concerning the expertise sought, ARSIS would like to cooperate with Organizations/ institutions with experience in the two before mentioned areas (protection of children and their rights and social structures for combating poverty).

Type of expertise/competence offered

ARSIS is more than welcome to share its expertise in the areas that it develops its actions and services. ARSIS has a vast experience in working with unaccompanied minors and families seeking asylum, minors, children who work in the streets and victims of trafficking, Roma communities, prisoners and members of vulnerable social groups in danger of social exclusion

Organisation type

Non-governmental organization/ non-profit

Areas covered

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