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ACTIVITIES: 1. Training staff and representatives of the NGO target groups; 2. Initiate educational activities to support young people from rural areas to get better involved in the community ; 3. Establish contacts and sustain partnerships with similar organizations at home and abroad 4. Organize and perform seminars , courses, lectures , exhibitions and any kind of cultural/educational events. 5. Develop programs and projects aiming at helping the target groups 6. Participate in associations with other similar organizations to provide material and financial resources required to implement planned activities and improve NGO capacity;


MISSION : According to Article 2 of the Statute ' The NGO is an association widely
open to professionals , supporters , volunteers working for community development in the areas of respect for human rights, gender integration and international
cooperation , economic development and promotion of economic activity , environmental protection, sustainable development and educational activities .
The main objectives of the NGO are: 1. development and encouragement of
European values ​​in civil society. 2 . Promotion of information related to the process of accession to the EU and European funding programs . 3 . Development and implementation of new educational programs for people of different ages and different social status . 4 . Granting chances for young people and supporting their personal development through participation in alternative education programs and projects ae. 5. Stimulate the free exchange of ideas , research information, knowledge and intellectual values ​​in the country and abroad. Target group: children and students of all age groups , children from minority groups and those from rural areas; teachers and adults in the region , including rural

Type of partner/expertise sought

We are looking for a NGO or any kind of organization, targeted at teaching human rights to kids and adults. We expect the potential partner to have certain expertise in capacity building as well.

Type of expertise/competence offered

Pursuant to Article 8 of the Law on the level of General Education Minimum and Curriculum, it is necessary to raise awareness of children's rights in closed/isolated ethnic communities. To achieve this, it becomes important to create conditions for interaction, communication and understanding between different ethnic groups to curb racism, xenophobia, hate speech and intolerance in society.
The project promotes and works on the idea that in order to achieve the above values, teaching children's rights must be performed in multi-ethnic classes/communities rather than in mono-ethnic ones. Only in diverse groups children from different ethnic groups can actually get into communication under the guidance of teachers with relevant intercultural awareness and professional capacity.
Following this concept, the project ‘Different kids – equal rights’ develops, promotes and uses effective educational model for teaching tolerance, anti- racism and anti- discriminatory behavior among children living in isolated communities. It encourages the implementation of specialized methodology for training in human rights in mixed ethnic groups. Moreover, by engaging parents and the school community in educational activities, the project plans to raise awareness of children's rights and create conditions for better communication between the ethnic groups in Silistra region.

Organisation type

Non-governmental organization/ non-profit

Areas covered

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