Romanian Association Against AIDS Constanta

ARAS – Romanian Association Against AIDS – is a non-governmental organization, non-profit, apolitical and humanitarian which has the next mission:  prevention of HIV and AIDS spread disease among the population;  humanization of disease, promotion of tolerance and non-discrimination against people infected with HIV or vulnerable to HIV infection;  material and moral support for people infected with HIV or vulnerable to HIV infection: counseling and social assistance.


Our main goal is to reduce AIDS epidemic through the development of education programs, information services and social assistance to people infected/affected by HIV and AIDS.

• Preventing the spread of infection and disease among the population through:
a) awareness and information on HIV infection/AIDS, the danger represented by it and on how to prevent infection;
b) the systematic pursuit of activities to educate different audiences (information sessions in schools, conferences, scientific sessions);
c) training of volunteers to carry out and support the activities listed above, in the spirit of the principles of association, through courses and workshops.
• Humanization disease: promoting tolerance and discrimination against people infected and/or diseased;
• Social assistance, medical, physical and psychological for people infected and/or sick.

Type of partner/expertise sought

Founded in on on 6 December 1993 ARAS Constanta Branch was established was one of the few organizations composed exclusively of volunteers. ARAS is the initiative of private, non-profit founding members who felt the urgency that is required in dealing with HIV infection/AIDS in Romania, from all points of view, but especially through prevention and education and information on the extension of infection, the advice and help those infected or ill.

Type of expertise/competence offered

• The general public
• People affected by HIV/AIDS and their families
• Children in institutions
• Children and young people living on the street or in placement centers
• Drug users
• People involved in sex trade
• People with homosexual orientation
• Rroma ethnic communities
• The school (in elementary schools, high schools, colleges) and university
• Medical staff
• Women (from urban and rural)

Currently, ARAS Constanta assists 90 adults infected with HIV/AIDS residing in the county of Constanţa (mostly in rural areas).

Organisation type

Non-governmental organization/ non-profit

Areas covered

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