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Euro-Asia Promotion and Cultural Foundation (EAPCF) represents in Romania International Child Art Foundation (ICAF), based in Washington DC, largest U.S. Foundation that develops children's creativity. In the city of Brasov we take part to activities of an unique Creativity Laboratory in Romania, organized by Transylvania University. We promote creative projects to children and youth in collaboration with Science Centers worldwide. The European Literature Circle, the first Literary Circle online, was opened on 9 May 2000 as a Forum for discussion, creation and initiative, concerning the present and the future of our continent. This international Forum is opened to all the young people of Europe and world wide who want to participate and contribute to the building of a new Europe and a better world.


EAPCF promotes links between Europe and Asia through Romania
Rediscovering old Silk Road through Education, Culture and Science. Fundatia Euro – Asia Promotion and Cultural Foundation (EAPCF) and European Literature Circle (ELC) are able to promote a New and Exciting Project called the “Euro – Asia Silk Highway” – a reference to the Great Silk Road which used to link Europe to the Far East, promoting the exchange of both good and of knowledge and ideas between Europe and Asia and not only.
This virtual Silk Highway will connect Europe and Asia through a virtual Bridge Highway, dedicated to Understanding and Peace, Scientific, Cultural and Creative Education co-operation.
Romania sustains the development of states from this geographic areas: Eastern European states, the west Balkans and South Caucasian countries. The policy consists in supporting poor people in developing countries, including low income countries and middle income countries.
• The list of beneficiary states can be expanded towards Central Asia, Africa and Latin America
The logo will be: "Partnership for Diversity and Creativity". Euro-Asia Silk Highway seeks to explore and regenerate the old "Silk Road", discover and narrate stories of different groups in European and Asian people using artistic and creative approaches:

Type of expertise/competence offered

The artistic and cultural co-operation:
>Enable people to understand links between their own lives and those people throughout the world;
> Develop skills, attitudes and values which enable people to work together to bring about change and take control of their own lives;
> Increase understanding of the economic, social, political and environmental forces which shape our lives;
> Work towards achieving a more just and sustainable world in which power and resources are more equitably shared

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Non-governmental organization/ non-profit

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