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We Created our organization in 2012. Our aim is to move flexibly and effectively to sensitive issues such as awareness and unemployed workers, the development of methods and techniques for effective online training to the labor market, and support to promote the employment of vulnerable social groups. Main function tool is to develop partnerships with training providers, employment promotion, NGOs, companies for social work, social partners and others who have the same concerns and the same ambitions the issues of unemployment and employment. Because the work is an inalienable right of human life, we support everyone's right to employment, continuing education, vocational change and claiming new opportunities at work, developing activities for continuous upskilling unemployed workers, and vulnerable social groups . Our main concern is to contribute to personal growth, prosperity and job creation opportunities in training and counseling. Committed for development and adoption of new methods of connection between employment and lifelong learning and believe that strengthening the quality of our services we ensure the integration and reintegration into work, all citizens under conditions of equality.


Our purpose:
• Linking training to the labor market
• Raising awareness and educating the workforce
• The provision of careers advice to trainees, (unemployed workers)
• The faultless upgrade the level of trainers
• Support for vulnerable social groups (through training and counseling)
• The strengthening of individual capacities for the integration / reintegration
• Developing partnerships with private businesses and public agencies to increase employability

Action Plans

Promoting employment
Awareness unemployed workers in training and employment
Public Awareness and business, non- profit organizations private and public law issues in counseling, training and new trends in the labor market
Create networks between entrepreneurs and develop activities to link with social enterprises
Production studies for training, employment , integration , reintegration of vulnerable social groups
Investigation and treatment of the particularities of constantly anadiamorfoumenis business market
Development of assessment tools and reporting (reporting) activities and programs
Conferences, presentations , exhibitions

Links to the labor market
Studies , presentations for analyzing training needs
Design and production of educational materials for training and counseling
Developing partnerships with national and international bodies to transfer expertise in employment promotion
Design and implementation of programs for the training of trainers .
Organisation of information, training and upgrading skills of intercultural mediators and mentors for the integration and reintegration into work vulnerable social groups .
Design and processing capabilities of vulnerable social groups through training for the integration / reintegration into the labor market
Conferences, presentations , exhibitions

Develop training tools and advisory
For the connection of the Greek labor market in the European
To develop personal and professional skills
For the creation of new businesses
For the integration and rehabilitation of groups at risk of social exclusion
For the professional orientation of students , youth , women
To strengthen the functioning and efficiency of social services private and public
For developing good practice job growth
To support initiatives integrating the unemployed into the labor market

Organisation type

Non-governmental organization/ non-profit

Areas covered

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