Estonian Human Rights Centre

Estonian Human Rights Centre (EHRC) is an independent public interest foundation dedicated to the advancement of protection of human rights in Estonia and abroad. During 2007-2009 the centre operated within the structure of International University Audentes (after merger Tallinn University of Technology).


The activities of the EHRC include:
•organising projects with the aim of raising awareness of human rights;
•monitoring and research of the human rights situation in Estonia and other countries;
•dissemination of information about human rights and protection of human rights in Estonia;
•exchange of information and cooperation among different interest groups, including governmental and non-governmental institutions in Estonia and other countries;
•consulting of individuals in human rights issues;
•advocacy on human rights areas, including participating in the public debate and guaranteeing the representation of individuals in court and other proceedings;
•advancement of human rights education in universities and other educational institutions;
•giving scholarships and stipends for human rights activities.

Type of partner/expertise sought

Oue expectation to Partner is:
- to share there expertiese in advocasy on equal treatment and discrimination.

Organisation type

Non-governmental organization/ non-profit

Areas covered

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