EUROPEA Romania is an association of teacher’s belonging to green sector, speeded in all regions of country. The main target of members is the international exchange in field of education and agriculture sector for the better professional development.


The organization has close to 4 years' experience in the fields of practical and theoretical agriculture education, teaching of forestry and agriculture courses in upper secondary schools belonging to natural resources sector. The main aim has always been to make theoretical and practical courses and further education available and accessible to all students, regardless of social or ethnic background.

EUROPEA Romania has 18 member schools from green sector in Romania, from all regions and departments provide courses and provide courses fro teachers to improve the quality of training for a better qualification. The courses can be attended by members of EUROPEA, including teachers who want to increase the quality of teaching.
The local departments offer in-service training as well as part-time courses.

Over the last years, EUROPEA Romania has taken part in international projects, both as a contractor and a partner, and has thus gained considerable experience in the field of agriculture and forestry work on an international basis.

Description of proposed activity or project

The project proposal in Increasing of quality of training and teaching in green sector who will involve teachers from agriculturea and forestry schools from Romania to develop skills and competencies with new technology from EAA members.

Type of partner/expertise sought

For the Inter-institutional cooperation projects we are looking for a Norwegian partner who is available to develop further the skills and competencies in VET sector in the field of forestry and agriculture domain.

Type of expertise/competence offered

The partner should be a NGO or education institution, a school who can offer training of Romanian teachers connected with green sector.

Organisation type

Non-governmental organization/ non-profit

Areas covered

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