Rescue responsibly abused street dogs of Romania. Rehabilitate. Rehome.


In 2003, ROLDA started building from the ground,exclusively from private donations,our first small shelter located in Smardan which soon was top rated among the best shelter in Eastern Europe back in 2004 and than, again in 2010 and than, again in 2013....! Capacity: 80 dogs.

In 2007/2008 we started building , just outside the town (near the industrial sites), a center for rescue dogs consisting of 12 modern insulated paddocks and later, in fall of 2011 the structure/building for the first charitable veterinary clinic which we named REX in the memory of a dog rescued from the local PS.
Capacity: 600 dogs. A unique project sponsored by ArcelorMittal Galati, the largest steel plant from Europe, company committed to sponsor various social impact projects, company that helps the dogs and sustains ROLDA since 2007.
It is our aim to purchase additional land and using the existent facilities (water and electricity) to expand, build more paddocks for rescue dogs, save more lives!

Our next goal is opening a wild habitat for un-adoptable dogs, an alternative to the prison life for these souls. We are raising funds for the first 20 acres for this project.
You can help the Wild Habitat or any other ROLDA project by donating directly to ROLDA website:

If you would like to adopt or sponsor at distance one of our (almost) 700 dogs please visit:
and narrow down the long dogs list according to your preferences.

After visiting our shelters virtually, why not come here as a volunteer for a few days (or longer). Learn more about our Volunteering program:­ow/

Also, please visit virtually the Museum of Dog from Romania!

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