European Intercultural Club

The CLUBE is a NGO with actions in the region of Lisbon. We believe that cultural action helps groups and individuals in their personal and/or social development. In this sense we contribute by sociocultural animation to improve the environment, performing cultural events on our own or, most frequently, in partnership.


Since 1998 we realized 4 type of projects related to sociability and social ties:
-Cultural events;
-Prevention (health and crime prevention);
-Leisure and holidays;
-Non-formal education in educational settings.
As an intermediate organisation we receive more than 200 international trainees per year (Leonardo/ Erasmus+ programs).

Description of proposed activity or project

Organisations interested in partnerships with Portugal

Type of partner/expertise sought

Clube would like to build partnerships based on a transfer of Know how to empower local communities in Portugal.

Type of expertise/competence offered

In Portugal, together with other partners (private and public) we can host conferences, workshops, develop research, host trainees/interns....

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