Baltic Institute for European and Regional Concern

BISER has been established in 2001 to co-operate in the field sustainable development and strengthening cooperation links within the Baltic Sea Region.


The founders of the association were specialists from The Government Center of Strategic Studies and from the University of Gdansk. Nowadays in the association work scientists, Ph.D. students and students UofG. The framework of scientific- research activity of BISER encompasses the projects concerning implementing the principle of sustainable development in the civil society in the region of the Baltic Sea. BISER realized also projects concerning:
• Spatial planning in sustainable development.
• Strategy of sustainable development in the local self-government and building network societies and cooperation in the spirit of Local Agenda 21.
• Education for the young social entrepreneurship.
• Supporting actions of the civil society sector

Description of proposed activity or project

Main aim of this project is to build fundament for various actions and innovative forms of education for the benefit of youth social entrepreneurship. Project will undertake two main actions: identification of institutional potential in BSR states and regions and gathering best practices and initiatives animating kids and youth to foster their enterprising spirit. In our project we seek for various organizations with experience and knowledge on economical and juridical education for social entrepreneurship in BSR. Project outcomes would be the starting point helpful to create the platform of cooperation on behalf of youth social entrepreneurship in the BSR.

Type of partner/expertise sought

We are looking for partners in the Baltic Sea Region who are involved in interactive education for young people. In particular, we are looking for:
1. Associations which are working for students enterprise.
2. The institutions of local governments that engage in the creation of practical programs, workshops and trainings for youth’s work, including occasional work.
3. Organizations, associations, schools that promote the work of young people and volunteering in the social economy

Type of expertise/competence offered

1. Initiation of youth social entrepreneurship
2. Dissemination of Lokal Agenda 21
3. Building coalitions triad family-school-community

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