Sibiul Azi Association

Sibiul Azi” Association is a young, but dynamic organization. The organisation initiates and implements projects related to cultural, lifelong learning and environment aspects. These projects are rooted both in the community needs and in the social studies taken by organisation, at national and international level.


The aims of our cultural projects are: facilitating the access to culture for all the social sections, on the one hand, and, on the other hand, recovering and promoting the cultural essence of the village seen as socio-cultural entities.
in July 2013 we developed a large project, “Discover a Healthy Way of Life through the Romanian Traditions”, through a grant of the European Commission. The main objective of the workshop was to discover a healthy way of life in the 21st century, through the Romanian traditional culture and civilization; in this regard, “healthy life” was approached from three perspectives: food habits, communication, and social habits. The workshop was attented by 2 particiants from Romania and 10 participants from Portugal, France, Cyprus, Hungary, Greece, France, Austria. Moreover we received over 400 applications for this workshop.
Another important aspect concerns interculturality, multiculturaliy and multiethnicity. In this regard, in 2012, the association developed the cultural project „A Guide of Sibiu County`s minorities”, financed by the Romanian Government. The purpose of this project was to promote Sibiu county as a multi-ethnic and multicultural space, a land where, for centuries, different ethnic groups have lived together in peace: Romanian, Saxons, Hungarians, Jewish, Armenians, Gypsies. This DVD highlights the history of each ethnic group, their contribution to social and economic development of this county. The Guide was printed in 250 DVD-s.
The educational projects develop on two main ideas: supporting youth initiatives and facilitating the access to cultural and non-formal education projects for adults and seniors.
In 2012, on the educational field, we developed two large projects: Schools Fighting for a Green Future and Child’s Rights. Another large project, a cultural, „A Guide of Sibiu County`s minorities”. Thus, our projects are meant to blur cultural and ethnical differences, to involve youth in cultural and educational activities.
The environmental projects aim to support environment protection and to promote environment protection.

Description of proposed activity or project

Project 1. Goal: to increase knowledge on the State and European institutions and their obligations in representing the citizens. Focus group: students from urban and rural areas. Activities: student-centred, developing along 3 semesters; integrated to the optional courses, as a viable alternative to cover the lack of information in the field. The project schedules students` visit to state institutions and meetings with people working in these institutions.

Type of partner/expertise sought

Type of partner: NGO that
-developed international projects
- experienced in promoting the European institutions and in working with students

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