Agri Romania

Agri Romania was established 14.11.2007. The organisation is a "successor" of Interkommunal Romaniakomite (Inter Municipal Committe of Romanaia) was established in 1990 and was in function up to 2006.


Interkommunal Romaniakomite had the responsibility for the implementation of various seminars of democratisation. Economy, management in public sector, journalism, Exchange of personell from the public sector, education, culture and .technical sector (water distribution). Colaboration between schools in Norway and Romania.
Since 2007 we have been engaged in agriculture sector. Focused on democratisation, building organisations, collaboration and cooperation. Particularly sheep farmers and export of Norwegian sheeps. Breeding and developing of better qualities
We are a small organisation with extensive experience of working in Romania. Our experience is focused in administartion and agriculture field. For other types of projects we have cooperated with relevant organisations, persons and universities and high schools. Our focus is quality and we are able to offer different knowhow.

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