The Arman Community from Romania

Our NGO has as main target group the community of Armans/Aromanians from Romania. We have 6 subsidiaries across the country and over 6000 members. The central aim is to preserve and promote the Aromanian language and Aromanians' cultural values.


Our regular activities include the organization of cultural events with international attendance (The Aromanian Cultural Days, the celebration of Aromanians’ National Day, etc), publication of “Armanamea” & “Arada” magazines, organization of youth exchanges/seminars with international attendance, production of CDs and books, production of theater plays& short documentary movies. The Youth department in strongly involved in all cultural activities of the organization, having a group who dance&sing in traditional way, writing project proposals, taking part at various festivals at national&international level, taking part at various seminars&workshops. We also cooperate with international NGOs and we organize youth exchanges/seminars for young people. We are FUEN, YEN & Council of Aromanians members.

Organisation type

Non-governmental organization/ non-profit

Areas covered

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