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The endeavours of St. Michael’s Society may be divided into three main fields: Educational and education innovation activities Cultural activities Social Welfare activities


A lot has been achieved in all the spheres over the years. The Society operates private schools for preparing children for school, teaching English based on unique curriculum in Estonia (Total Immersion Method) and also for in- depth science program for high school students. Teacher training is another important focus in order to help teachers find their vocation and work in caring environment.

Children with special needs can study at the schools of CER due to the special projects of St. Michael’s Society. Additional public funding is available not to individual students, but only to whole classes of special need children. We find it more beneficial to everyone concerned to integrate them, when possible, with other students, but as a result do not receive any public funding for the extra support needed for mainstreaming. One of the accomplishments has been special ICT equipment and Braille lab as well as adapted curricula for visually impaired students. Since the very beginning St. Michael’s Society has striven to create development conditions for children with special needs. In 2005 our pursuits took the shape of the school for individual tutoring and home studies called St. Michael’s School. The children incapable of learning in ordinary classes due to various reasons can study in small groups at this school. Teen mothers form another group, they can continue their studies that were interrupted due to the birth of children. The children living far from Tallinn or lacking support at home for making good progress at school have the opportunity to stay at the Student House of Residence founded by St. Michael’s Society.

Type of partner/expertise sought

We seek a partner organization from Norway which has experience in education of children with spcial needs, particularly in dealing with aggression prevention. We would like the partner to work with us at a Counselling Centre to provide expertise in this area. The organization could be a school, a Counselling Centre, a local government or a group specializing in providing services to children and youths.

Type of expertise/competence offered

We would like to expand the above described project. But in order to do that, we need some expert advice. We hope that with the help of teachers with specialist training and a supportive environment students will be taught and helped to learn how to avoid the increase of the development of aggression. Assertiveness techniques will be taught as an alternative. The emphasis is on learning to adopt a more socially contructive way to deal with frustrating and problem situations.

Organisation type

Non-governmental organization/ non-profit

Areas covered

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