Foundation of Alternative Educational Initiatives

Foundation of Alternative Educational Initiatives was founded in April 2011 in Bielsko-Biała (South of Poland, Silesian Voivodship). Our main goal is Life Long Learning promoting - developing one's abilities, predispositions, interests - both in personal and professional life. For 3 years now we also support other non-governmental organizations at planning, initiating and developing international, partnership projects. Based on our international contacts we are using international good practices in adult learning. Wealso promote and support vocational and personal development through culture and art (professional as well as unprofessional). We promote applying ecological solutions at work as well as in everyday life.


To see the projects we have realised untill now, please visit:

Type of partner/expertise sought

Sharing experience and good practices on supporting NGOs at initiation, establishing and building (international) partnerships. Support at developing some career paths possible to be realized working in NGOs (our ideas: project manager; fundriser; accounting & administration specialist; others). Sharing experience at supporting NGOs and building NGOs capacities as an employment place.
The final shape of the project will be developed in cooperation with the potential Partner.
The Partner could be:non-governmental organization, public institutions or private entities (non-commercial and commercial)

Type of expertise/competence offered

Since the Foundation is quite "young", we base on the competences of it's members. The projects realised are described here:
- Competence at international project management; 6 years of experience at managing international, partnership projects (Project Management Professional certificate issued by Project Management Institute)
- Competence at planning, organising and leading trainings developing social skills (team building, communication, lidership, networking etc.) and language skils (English)
- 5 years of experience at leading legal and administrative advisory for individuals.
- 3 years of experience at supporting non-governmental organisations at planning, developing and realising international projects as well as building international partnerships.
The Foundation is a member of Baltic Network for Adult Learning - an international organisation gathering entities specialising in life-long-learning (

Organisation type

Non-governmental organization/ non-profit

Areas covered

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