European Association of the Low Danube

AEDJ wants do develop the active citizenship through education and culture.


AEDJ has its base in Galati, Romania, an old industrial city and our goal is to develop our local community through educational and cultural programs in an aeco friendly environment. We also want to create for the people which live in the neighborhood alternative which make them aware about their role in the community life.

Description of proposed activity or project

Our initial project aims to create a park in between of grey block of flats which allow people to have good time in a green area next to their home. The park should also be used for art exhibitions, theater or music concerts.
As the people usually are careless regarding what happen around them, we what to have them involved as volunteers.
We also intend to help young artists to exhibit, play or act in unusual places.

Type of partner/expertise sought

We are looking for partners which can help us out to realize our projects. It would be good to have implemented this kind of projects and can give us some advice.

Type of expertise/competence offered

We are young and willing to change things.

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