Null Prosent Movement

Our main goal is to provide platform for young people to thrive in a world free from alcohol and other drugs. We have many projects both international, national and local. Our biggest projects are a seminar on domestic violence, White Christmas, Leadership school, at least one international seminar and one summer camp per year.


Overview of projects:
Open youth center every Friday in Reykjavi­k and every Monday in Keflavi­k
2 active youth clubs where youth plan their own leisure time with leaders
Yearly environmental project every May
A every year seminar - ether in March or October through Active- Sobriety, friendship and peace.
A every year summer camp - every 2 years with a congress of Active and NORGDU but every year there is a summer camp with up to 300 participants.
Leadership school for members - 4 times a year
Leadership school for non-members - sold service - in progress
We are aiming to implement Local Hero on our next yearly congress.
We have reached cooperation with the EEA grants with more than one organization in Poland and are hoping for acceptance of projects.
We cooperate a lot with IOGT Iceland and Active- Sobriety, friendship and peace.
We are building cooperation between most of the topics on human rights and civil society on a national level and hope in the future to be a sustainable force of young people fighting for a better, solidarity world free from alcohol and other drugs.

Type of partner/expertise sought

Youth NGO that is able and willing to write and implement projects. Expertise in youth work and human rights are a good quality but not necessity. We love new ideas and new friends!

Type of expertise/competence offered

We have well developed education packs, best practices goals and years of experience in the prevention field. Our connections in the national level gives us opportunities to reach out to professionals and activists that have the know how and willpower to make great things happen!

Organisation type

Non-governmental organization/ non-profit

Areas covered

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