MARCA - Local Development Association

MARCA-ADL is a local development association located in a small city in south Portugal, named Montemor-o-Novo. The main goal is to promote a local quality and integrated development through sociocultural, environmental conservation and natural and cultural heritage.


MARCA-ADL is a transdisciplinary association with several areas of intervention. Our main actions are:
- Contribute towards a balance and sustainable development which brings together space and community cultural identity, via strategies that restrain current problems.
- Encourage population participation in the several levels of the development process, especially youngsters and young adults with difficulties fitting in the job market. Motivate citizenship and community participation.
- Reinvigorate traditional and alternative activities and use of local resources allowing socio-economic tissue revitalization.
-To promote cultural heritage, landscape, old and new knowledge dynamically establishing necessary balance between traditional experiences of people and the needs of a modern world in rapid transformation.
- Place the culture and science in local development, linking them to the local economy.

Description of proposed activity or project

The project, Startup Unplugged - youth decentralized incubation program, was created to respond to a local need - isolation and youth unemployment - and compete for civic participation and social inclusion of young people in vulnerable situations, responding to objectives set by EE Grants program.
This proposal implements an integrated training strategy for employability, entrepreneurship and creation of self -employment, encompassing participatory appraisal, training, coaching and collaborative work with the target audience and community agents .
It is intended, first, to promote skills in young people for the world of work (soft skills), motivate and help them to become more participatory and involved in solving their own problems. Moreover, a systemic action, the proposal was designed to involve, at various stages of the process, the community, mobilizing individuals, NGOs, institutions and companies. The creation of a web of support for young people (future entrepreneurs) should encourage and support the development of their ideas, and the fulfillment of its objectives. Through a logic of innovation and sustainable local development, we intend to prioritize green initiatives and social character, promoting and disseminating good practice.

Type of partner/expertise sought

We seek experience in the theme of youth employment and promoting entrepreneurship, promoting joint meetings to share experiences and best practices, providing contact between organizations and youth participants. The aim of this partnership will enhance the project action and enhance the motivation and confidence of the young people involved.

Type of expertise/competence offered

We provide the opportunity to share with our partners the methodologies (diagnosis, community involvement and evaluation) involved in this project, that is rural and locally based.
Former experience in environmental education with local schools, as well as training for the unemployed and/or socially excluded minorities.
Good network and relationships with local stakeholders (public/private), including other NGO's dealing with cultural, artistic and environmental objectives.

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