Civicus Romania Association

The purpose of the association is to strenghten and support the civic initiatives and the involvment of the civil society in the public, socio-economical and cultural life.


The „Civicus Romania” Association is a non-profit, legal entity.

Targets of the associaton are:
•- Defending the human rights and liberties
•- Promoting an eco-friendly lifestyle
•- Promoting the community actions of monitoring the statutory decisions both locally and nationally as well as involving the civil society in the decisional process, especially the youngsters.
•- Involving the civil society in the level reduction of the birocracy and assuring judiciary independence.
•- Promoting the rights and the interests of the youngsters locally, nationally and abroad.
•- Involving the youngsters in civil society’s actions and stimulating the associative phenomenon.
•- Promoting the European values and the community’s aquis.
•- Facilitating the colaboration between the NGOs at a national and international level for the enhancement of the civil society and the active involvment of the youth.
•- Promoting and developing partnerships between associative structures and public institutions with involvment in the decision-making process.
•- Promoting sports activities and tourism

Organisation type

Non-governmental organization/ non-profit

Areas covered

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