The Norwegian Heritage

Norwegian Heritage (Norsk Kulturarv) was founded in 1993 by Oppland County Council.


Later almost thirty co-founders have signed up among them public authorities such as counties and municipalities as well as representatives from trade and industry. The idealistic purpose of the foundation is to preserve our cultural heritage. In practice this means preserving history by help of historical vitality. It is our task at Norwegian Heritage to see to it that the historic environment of Norway is properly cared for. Our strategy in this matter is to create trade value from our cultural values to maintain them for the present and the future.

On behalf of our members and owners of cultural monuments we provide for
- guidance about matters related to our purpose
- projects of practical enterprises in cooperation with private and public interests
- tourism attached to a wide range of cultural monuments

All these purposes may be defined within our motto, ''Preservation through utilisation". This means our strategy always is to aim at preservation of the past for the future by means of a living present.

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