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Mos Maiorum Foundation was established in 2013. We are very fresh organization and we are going to operate on the field of cultural heritage and support network in civil society in Poland.


We are especially interested in cooperation with artists (graphics) from Norway - we are planning to create joint seminar on working on designing and drawing coat of arms of Polish aristocracy.

Currently, we are preparing project: Promotion of centuries heraldic tradition in the context of European cultural diversity.
Scope of the project:
The project in its range of content includes the study of heraldry, which is an auxiliary science of history, which is the study of the development and principles of creating coats of arms. Emblems are inextricably linked to the history and culture of the noble families of data that have the symbol of his family. Hence, the recipient can crests provide information on family history, their origin, the special merit or which are distinguished features. Founder of the Foundation in the process of collecting sources historic heraldic saw the need to issue a complete herbal book, the short-circuiting all known emblems of Polish families living in the First Republic the same time with the release of the publication, it is necessary to popularize knowledge about the heraldic tradition in the context of polish cultural diversity.
The scope of the planned activities:
- Within the project, the Foundation intends to organize two conferences on the development of heraldry in Poland, including Polish multicultural heritage. The planned location of the conference: Wroclaw
- There are plans also to organize several meetings - workshops for the local community / pupils in Polish or/and Norway high schools about the heraldic tradition in selected regions of the Poland /Norway
- A permanent effect of the project will publish a collection of noble coats of arms of the former territories of the First Republic. It will be a collector's edition, a more than ten.
- Foundation project plans to organize one art exhibitions in Gda?sk. About the exhibition: The process of creating the largest Herbarium in Europe / Poland and the artists involved readers
- Foundation plans to organize joint seminar combining artists, especially graphics from Poland and Norway. Seminar will be sacrificed to matter of working on designing and drawing coat of arms of Polish aristocracy

If you are interested in cooperation with us, please contact us via phone or e-mail.

Monika Gandecka
+48 71 337 20 44 or

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