Natural Health Resort Tunjice Slovenia

We are working in ecology sector since 2006.


Our introduction: We are non govermental organisation from Slovenia- Natural resort Tunjice is our name. We also succsed in EEA grants in 2008 - we actualy had built eco youth exercising center - our partners then was from Iceland. In 2013 our project requires some resercheas and analyses about EMS polution.
We will also do an analysis and study of harmful radiations power lines, base stations and electrical substations in residential environments, how such radiation effects at the various institutions are: schools, institutions, hospitals, etc.
Our aim and goal is, that if we will cooperate as partners in EEA grants, we will do the study also in Norway - maybe we determinate one object as a pilot project for study on limited living space.

As a non governmental we also have some bio products: we are bottling eco water and natural clay, we established museum of fossils, built polygon Gibanova, etc.

Organisation type

Non-governmental organization/ non-profit

Areas covered

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