GasDecEngine technology AS

GasDecEngine Technology AS is an small private enterprice with focus enviromental solutions.


Our goal is to license out our patented technology for CHP systems fron 2 to 30 kW electrical output. We reach a mechanical efficiency of 60% with our linear motion unite and delivre a rotational output to run a standard generator. Further we have the possibility with our partnres to support the errection of decentralised power grid with real time web controlling without heavy serverarchitecture. That gives our partners the possibility to handle the supply of power to remote areas. This solution includes micropayment, and power by use solutions.
The last time we also are involved in biogas production plants based on greenalgeas and microalgeas. We proofed the feasablility of this kind of biogas systems. We and our network are not producer or consulter we implement with our partners different solutions in different markeds.

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Non-governmental organization/ non-profit

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