Romanian Academic Society (SAR)

The Romanian Academic Society (SAR) is the longest-standing think tank still active in Romania. Established in 1996 as an academic association of reputable figures, throughout the years it has operated as a public policy research institute, a leading force in the promotion of good governance, a consultant of the Romanian Government and of other governments, a long-haul partner during the transition and state reform processes for the United Nations, the World Bank, the European Union, pre- and post-accession.


Since its establishment, SAR has edited over a hundred research reports, policy papers and a few volumes (including a textbook on Public Policies), based on applied research, aimed to raise public debate in Romania and to create centers of independent expertise to assess the governance activity. In addition, SAR has been active as a civic organization in monitoring the integrity of governance and in consultation campaigns or campaigns for improving the legislative framework (transparency laws, legal framework for public procurement).

SAR’s mission is to create an evidence based policy-making framework by:
- Providing public policy training for young experts in the state, profit and non-profit sectors, for civil servants, for political figures and for the academia, via informed debates, public policy analysis seminars organized in cooperation with our international partners, as well as original research projects;
- Promoting realistic, democratic-consultation-based solutions to public policy issues in public forums;
- Contributing to good governance and development through our policy research;
- Contributing to the European integration of Romania, Western Balkan countries and Moldova through transfer of best practices and advocacy;
- Enhancing the contribution of independent policy institutes to the process of policy formulation through advocacy and public debate;
- Contributing to the (re)building of the applied social sciences and public policy fields in Romania and South-Eastern Europe, after fifty years of communism.

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