Pere Tarres Foundation

Higher education, training, analysis and socio-educational programs


The Pere Tarres Foundation (Trust) is a non-profit educational and social action organization with over 50 years of experience dedicated to promote leisure time education, volunteering, improvement of social interventions and empowering Third Sector.

Our main working areas are:
1) Higher education and training of professionals and volunteers in leisure time education and social action (Bachelor's degree on Social Education and Social Work).
2) Studies and training in welfare assistance and healthcare for elderly, disabled people, children at poverty risk, drug addictions, migrants, women and other vulnerable groups.
3) Training programs in management, marketing, volunteers management and assessment for non-profit organizations.
4) Analysis of educational and training needs, impact indicators, new methodologies and approaches to tackle social exclusion, and studies on inclusion of vulnerable groups.
5) Other socio-educational programs on childhood, adolescence and families within school context (promotion of entrepreneurship and volunteering, struggle against gender discrimination, and so forth).

Organisation type

Non-governmental organization/ non-profit

Areas covered

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