Sports Club Ulpianum Oradea

Sports Club Ulpianum Oradea was born of a desire to combine outdoor sports activities with care for the environment, the family being in the center of each business.


It is known that the sport is practised individually or in teams usually either male or female or juniors But our association wants to develop a new concept, the whole family being involved in physical and recreational activities in a way that will develop certainly in the future.
Ulpianum members put into practice a system of selective collection of PET bottles and paper in order to protect the environment. During 2008 - present approximately 3000 kg of PET bottles and 4200 kg of paper have been collected and the system has proved its viability, starting to be implemented in educational institutions in Oradea.
CS Ulpianum aims at working not only in sport but in all those areas that allow initiative, collaboration, acquiring new knowledge, and generally develop a healthy spirit, based on an active life. Such activities aim at increasing the accessibility, quality and volume of mobility in Europe, for people who want to improve education, to improve quality and increase the volume of cooperation between organizations involved in adult education, to facilitate the development of innovative practices in adult education and their transfer from one participating country to another, to support the development of new technology-based information content, service development, innovative teaching methods and practices for lifelong learning and to multiply pedagogical approaches to improve management and adult education organizations.
Sports Club Ulpianum Oradea is guided by the following motto: „Sport gives days of life and living today”.
In our future work we want to act in the spirit of JJ Rousseau,who once said: „If you want to have an intelligent and endowed child you must help him develop the force that the intellignce will nurture to him/her, make him/her healthy and robust to become wise and court ... let him/her work, get used to act. Have him/her move a lot. If physically a strong man, (s)he will soon become strong and intellectually endowed.”

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