DAY AFTER - International Intervention on Sustainable Development and Quality of Life

From its first establishment, DAY AFTER has been very active in organizing campaigns with national foundations for the protection of the environment, the protection and promotion of culture and the promotion of sustainable development, quality of life and regional and local development.


DAY AFTER (International Intervention on Sustainable Development and Quality of Life, established in 2009, is a civil non-profit organization based in Athens. It has been officially nominated as a Non-Governmental Organization after its integration in the database of NGOs of the Hellenic Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 2009 (code: 527/14.09.2009 - In 2011, DAY AFTER received the national certification Grade 3 for the management of co-funded projects of the 4th Community Support Framework (1.9355/6.1900).

Specifically, DAY AFTER, during the period 2010 - 2011, co-organized with the Eugenides Foundation, the Athens French Institute and the British Council, six (6) Cafe Scientifique venues, with very important speakers of the higher scientific institutes in Greece, and with high participation from citizens. Additionally, since 2009, DAY AFTER has been continuously cooperating with national and European organizations in the preparation of EU Programmes proposals. During 2011, DAY AFTER implemented a very successful project under the European Youth in Action Programme (Title: YEDS) ( with the cooperation of the British NGO "People&Planet" and the French NGO "Les Petits Debrouillards", and with the participation of over 50 NGOs, Universities, Societies and Foundations from Greece and other 13 countries of the EU and of 28 EU young people who discussed with experts on all running global matters of society and technology and who were trained on how to organize and gain campaigns to boost their social participation. Since 2012, DAY AFTER implements also national projects for the support of social inclusion and equal opportunities of unemployed people in Greece, in the framework of the National Operational Programme Development of Human Power. Specifically, DAY AFTER implements four (4) extended projects (, providing work opportunities to more than 180 people in the areas of East Attica, Piraeus, Argosaronic Islands and South Attica in several work sectors (forest safety, beach safety, public building safety, city cleaning, old people care, forest research, city gardening, public gyms, city officers, plumbing, electrical works). Additionally, since August 2012, DAY AFTER implements an extended cultural programme for the islands of the region of Attiki, called 'SINFONIA' ( which has been set under the auspice of the Hellenic Ministry of Culture, focusing on the organization of a large symphonic orchestra festival with more than 79 venues and with more than 400 participating professionals of the classical music industry (musicians, directors, composers, etc). In 2012, DAY AFTER participated, and waits for the assessment of five (5) proposals under the European Programmes LLLP, Daphne III, NSRF Bulgaria 2007 - 2013, Tempus and the Vodafone 'World of Difference' Programme. The members of DAY AFTER hold longstanding experience (some of them from the 1st Community Support Framework in Greece already) in the preparation, management and implementation of EU transnational and national projects (e.g. Interreg II, Interreg III A-B-C, Interreg IVC, MED, SEE, EQUAL, Interact, EEA Grants, Daphne, Article 6, LEADER I, II, + and IV, National Operational Programmes, Regional Operational Programmes and more). Scope of DAY AFTER is to increase its interventions on national, European and global scale through the exploitation of relevant co-funded programmes, so as to support all creative efforts for a change of the today's development model, which leads societies to dead-ends and degrades the environment, the social cohesion and the quality of life of the global citizens continuously.

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