Adult Training Center

CEA Alto Guadalentin is a State funded Adult Training School with more than 25 years of expertise in providing Mainstream Education for Adults in Murcia region.


The Pubic Network of Adult Training Centers in this region aligns within the Education Department in Murcia Autonomous Community and caters for more than 10.000 learners/year.
Teaching staff at CEA Lorca is about 40 permanent lecturers and trainers (both for Basic and Upper Secondary School level).
Our educational offer consists in formal Secondary Education (both via internet access and presential), as well as Induction Courses for Spanish as a Foreign Language , and IT literacy and Clerical and Administrative Degrees for undergraduates. We also facilitate instruction for those learners preparing the University Entrance Examenination for Adults.
Lorca has been severely affected by recent natural disasters (earthquake in 2011, floods in 2012) and unemployment rate is over 21% in a traditional semi-urban area with intense migrant flows from Central America and former USSR satelite countries.

Description of proposed activity or project

We are interested in biliteralprojects concerning education issues and adulthood.
We have experience in EU funded projects (Grundtvig 2, Minerva ODL).

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