Slovak Center for Communication and Development

Primarily oriented on three areas – global education, development assistance and development volunteering in low income countries.


NGO Slovak Centre for Communication and Development (SCCD) is non-profit, non-partisan and non-religious organization founded on 15 April 2005.

SCCD is a member of regional network KARAT Coalition, a member of History Network of Young Europeans EUSTORY and a member of NGDO Platform in Slovakia. Since 2010 it runs the first public library oriented on global issues in Slovakia – Information Centre of Global Education.

From the very beginning SCCD has been oriented on common regional projects, mainly in the area of development policy, either in the frame of global education or development assistance. SCCD is trying to involve various educational institutions into this process, as well as other relevant partners in Slovakia and abroad and, thereby, to stimulate and support the idea of world citizenship.

In the area of development assistance, SCCD is trying to involve Slovak subjects to expand the possibilities for the development assistance in the countries towards the East – Central Asia and former republics of the Soviet block.

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