The Green Warriors of Norway

The Green Warriors of Norway (GW) is an environmental organisation with its head office in Bergen on the west coast of Norway.


The basic principle of the organisation is the protection of Mother Earth, its nature and species. We fight against all forms of pollution and environmentally destruction, locally, nationally and internationally. GW are also members of CITES and are working for the protection of animals in Norway and worldwide.
The Green Warriors of Norway have our own hotel – built to combine old cultural building traditions with modern environmental friendly technology. If you stay here, you will learn and understand the ecological way of thinking, how each and every one of us can contribute or take up the fight and get heard.
GW is currently best known both nationally and internationally for having implemented an “environmental war” against Norway’s second largest export industry – the Norwegian aquaculture industry. To be able to win this “war”, the Green Warriors have built our own ship – high tech and environmentally friendly – to expose the environmental impact of the fish farms.
If you will establish a NGO or become the Green Warriors of your country, we can tell you how to manage it.

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