The Royal Norwegian society for Development

The main purpose of Norge Vels operations is to assist in creating sustainable businesses/ employment and to develop viable local communities.


The Royal Norwegian Society for Development (Norges Vel) is a membership based NGO established in 1809. In addition to our head office outside of Oslo we have regional offices in Bergen and Levanger in Norway and in Macedonia and Tanzania.

Norges Vel promotes sustainable development based on a social, environmental and economic foundation and believes in a participating democracy, fair distribution and equal rights. An overall goal of our international work is to reduce poverty and to fuel local economic growth through local business development, focusing on sustainable and climate smart use of local natural resources.

Specific focus and competency areas for Norges Vel are:
• Business organisation and -cooperation, inclusive cooperatives as a form of business.
• Sustinable business development with special focus on renewable energy as well as food, culture and tourism in the marine and agricultural sector.
• Environment and climate effective solutions for business development.
• Development of local value chains.
• Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
• Business development and business advice for small and medium sized enterprises (entrepreneurship).
• Networking

Norges Vel aims at enhancing sustainability and resilience of production systems by promoting climate-smart innovation in food production. Through promotion of entrepreneurship this could contribute in improving food security, addressing climate change and increase the incomes of the rural population.

A value chain approach has proven its importance through various activities within Norges Vel’s project scope where inclusion of local communities and local partners have contributed in creation of value and competitive advantage over relevant competitors.

Norges Vel has been working in the field of cooperative development and other membership based organizations for decades. When working in international partnerships focus areas are on promoting entrepreneurship and strengthening capacity of various producer organizations.

Norges Vel has also been involved in establishing networks and structures within Norway and abroad. We have participated in establishing of Fairtrade Norway and assisted in establishing of the Norwegian Cooperative Centre (2008). We are in the steering committee for the Fish Forum (Fiskerifaglig Forum), active member of the Forum for Development and Environment, administrating CSR Norway (Corporate Social Responsibility) as well as leading the Solar Energy Association.

In addition to project activities in Africa and the Balkans, Norges Vel has been engaged in Bulgaria, Romania, Vietnam, Zambia and The Caribbean (Antigua and Grenada).

Norges Vel’s sister company was established in 2011 which has special focus on projects with a more commercial character.

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Non-governmental organization/ non-profit

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