Adult Learning Norway

The Norwegian Association for Adult Learning (NAAL) is the national NGO umbrella for adult learning in Norway.


Our members are 16 adult study associations with a member network of 470 nation-wide NGOs, out of which a majority are running adult education courses and study circles. . The purpose of NAAL is: Advocate the common interests of the associations and their participants versus the Government, the Parliament and the Ministry of Education and Research, Promote non-formal adult education and learning (ALE) in the society in general through information services, Council towards laws and regulations, Promote adult learning theory and practice - educational planning - project coordination - advocacy and lobbying. Our members represent a multitude of interests and ideologies. The largest associations offer a broad range of learning opportunities on several levels, with or without formal exams and parallel programs in the official school system. Other associations emphasize more voluntary adult learning activities, organizational training of members, learning for the development of the local community and sustainable development. Others emphasize political training, culture and creative, esthetically and practical topics. In 2012 our members activities totaled 40 000 courses with 500 000 participants. The common lowest denominator of the adult learning organized by the NGOs is a profile of equality and equal opportunities, a humanistic adult learning theory and practice, a belief in every person's development potential. We regularly sign up to international projects as a project partner. Either on behalf of ourselves, or a combination of ourselves and our members. We strive to put together project teams that fully meet the requirements of the project initiator. NAAL has a policy to sign up as the main project partner and then internally subcontract to our members. This way we keep the transparency and openness that is needed in our democratic structure.

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