KUN Centre for Gender Equality

KUN works with gender and gender equality, with a specific focus on living conditions in rural areas in Norway and internationally.


Our areas of expertise include:
- Local and regional development: Demographics, education and knowledge development, planning and industry development.
- Decent work, family-friendly work structures.
- Democracy: Politics and participation. Strengthening NGOs and aministrational levels.
- Living conditions: Work, family life, health, violence, trafficking, integration.
- Cooperation and development internationally, with a gendered perspective.

KUN has 25 years' history of project work, evaluations and research, guidance and training programmes. Project experience includes projects focusing on such issues as international cooperation, local development, health, agriculture, schools and kindergartens, local politics and democracy and resource-based local development.

KUN has operated as a regional centre for gender equality and social inclusion in Norway. We have some funding over the state budget, channeled through the The Norwegian Directorate for Children, Youth and Family Affairs.

KUN has extensive international experience, and has been a partner i several EEA grants projects as well as participating in projects ranging from the Barents region to Viet Nam.

For project details and reports please see our home page: www.kun.no.

Type of expertise/competence offered

KUN has specialists in social anthropology, society planning, gender mainstreaming and gender budgeting, social welfare and public planning, political science, agriculture, history, psychology, pedagogics, nursing, administration and leadership, and economics.

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