Norwegian Female Lawyers Organization

Today NKJF work with improving women rights around the world. NKJF is building networks between female lawyers both nationally and internationally.


The Norwegian Female Lawyers Organization (with the short form NKJF), was founded on May 12, 1947, to create a supportive forum for the handful of Norwegian female lawyers then entering, or trying to enter, a very male-dominated working society in the field of law. We have approximately 350 members from all over Norway.

We are currently running two projects, one in Thailand that focuses on education in female rights and research, and one project in East-Timor that is about justice for female victims and violent crime. The Thailand project is financed through Norad, and the East-Timor project is financed through the TV-campaign of 2005. NKJF is an NGO under FOKUS.

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