Norwegian People's Aid - NPA

Founded in 1939 as the labour movement's humanitarian solidarity organisation, the Norwegian People's Aid (NPA) remains committed to solidarity, equality and democracy as our main goals and guiding principles.


In the international work, the NPA carries with it a legacy of mobilisation and collective organisation in Norway, which has shaped Norwegian state building and welfare. NPA sees popular participation and organisation as crucial tools in order to promote people's rights and to assure the platforms on which to consolidate democracies. Inequality and skew distribution of resources remain in our view, main bottlenecks for peace, prosperity and development.

NPA maintains that solidarity is best advanced in support for the building of people's own capacities and resources to organise and participate in political processes affecting their lives.

Internationally NPA support partner organisations in Africa, Latin-America, Asia, Middle-East and South Eastern Europe. While cooperating with partners representing diverse sectors and interest groups within civil society, particular attention is on gender equality, access to and control over natural resources, and protection from mines and other explosive remnants of war. NPA also responds to humanitarian crisis and emergency needs caused by conflicts or natural disasters, primarily in areas where the organisation already has existing activities and partners.

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