The Norwegian Band Federation

The Norwegian Band Federation is the largest voluntary music organization in Norway.


Through their membership, the 1700 member bands with their 69.000 members are offered good conditions for their hobby. A network rich in tradition also gives them a strong and influential position in the cultural life of Norway.
HRH Crown Prince Haakon is the patron of The Norwegian Band Federation.

The Norwegian Band Federation works constantly to maintain and develop contacts with important co-operating partners in parliament, government, state departments, commerce, organizations and institutions. These are contacts which, through their daily activities, directly or indirectly influence the everyday lives of bands. The Norwegian Band Federation will work for a positive focus on, good conditions for and increased awareness of the cultural tradition which bands represent, so that they will continue to be active purveyors of music in the cultural life of Norway well into the future.
The Norwegian Band Federation's long history and musical fellowship since 1918 have given the organization a better basis for negotiating and better financial results for the bands. Through membership of The Norwegian Band Federation, bands are also a part of a cultural fellowship and a well-developed network of contacts, which makes it easier and more interesting to be associated with bands adapted to the demands of a modern voluntary organization.

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Non-governmental organization/ non-profit

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