Oslo Regional Council for Outdoor Activities and Recreation

The main work for OOF is to protect the surrounding forest and lake area for recreation, preserve conservation of the nature and pursue the landowners to maintain an environmental sound forest policy.


OOF is an NGO founded in 1936 and based in Oslo, Norway.

Oslo and 17 other encompassing municipalities are members of OOF.
OOF is an umbrella organisation for 37 NGOs with outdoor activities and environment on their roster.

OOF work on behalf of the population in order to maintain free access to forested areas/land area for recreation. OOF seeks to secure that the management of the Oslomarka greenbelt can stand as an example of how natural areas near cities can be conserved. Simultaneously OOF tries to encourage people to use the areas actively in sports and recreation.

OOF has in cooperation with its ssister organisation introduced a program to promote and stimulate outdoor activities for children in kindergartens and schools and have for that purpose developed various manuals.

OOF has its own board and a relatively tiny administration.

Organisation type

Non-governmental organization/ non-profit

Areas covered

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