Norwegian Cancer Society

The Norwegian Cancer Society is the country’s peak not-for-profit, non-government organization addressing the challenges of cancer.


Thousands of members, individual and business supporters make our work possible.
Our vision:Together we create hope

Our main objectives
* Contribute with preventative efforts so that more people can avoid getting cancer.
* Contribute to more people surviving cancer.
* Ensure the best possible quality of life for cancer patients and their loved ones.

Our values Credibility. Openness. Respect. Engagement.

What we do
The Norwegian Cancer Society is the largest non-government, not-for-profit sponsor of independent cancer research in the country. Funding is made available for a broad spectrum of cancer research, including basic, clinical, epidemiological and social research.
Information and prevention

Cancer prevention is an important objective in our information work. Reducing tobacco use, and promoting physical activity, healthy eating and sun sense are areas of particular focus. We also provide information to patients, their next of kin and the general public on the causes and treatments of cancer.

Organisation type

Non-governmental organization/ non-profit

Areas covered

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