These guidelines refer to searching for partners under the NGO Funds of the EEA Grants.
See the FAQ for if you have specific questions on how to submit and edit your profile in the databse.

Please enter keywords to find potential partner. Try to be as specific as possible.

In order to find an interesting partner it is important with:

  1. Good information about your organisation and your project
  2. Specification of what kind of competence you are looking for in the partner and what kind of partner you are looking for

It is also important with a clear and specified project idea, suggested activities and aims of the project, as well as a description about how you foresee the partner's role and contribution to the project. It is important that there is still room for you to develop the partnership with your partner.

We advise also to search for a partner as soon as possible. You may risk not having time to develop the proposal and partnership if you send out requests very close to the deadline.

Rather than trying to send out the request to as many as possible, we advise to target only the most relevant ones. Remember, if these organisations are not interested, they may be able to recommend other organisations. Use also your network and professional contacts to try to identify relevant partners.

Many organisations have profiles in English. If not, use Google Translate to translate whole websites:

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